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The court once again recognised the killer of the leader of the Dagestan YABLOKO guilty

Interfax, May 22, 2010

The Jury of the Supreme Court of Dagestan return a verdict on the murder of the leader of the Dagestan regional branch of the YABLOKO party Farid Babayev.

According to Interfax correspondent, one of the accused was recognised guilty, and the second was acquitted.

The Jury ruled out the Rasil Mamedrizayev who had been accused of the murder and keeping of weapon was guilty of the crime.

Seferali Sefimirzoyev living in the same village with Mamedrizayev accused in accompliceship was acquitted by the Jury.

The final ruling of the court will be made on May 31.

This is another trial of the case on the murder of Farid Babayev.

In January 2009, the Supreme Court of Dagestan found Rasil Mamedrizayev living in the Miskindnja village of the Dokuzparinsky District of the Republic guilty of murder sentencing him to 16 years of imprisonment in a penal colony of a strict regime. The court made this ruling basing on the verdict by a Jury.

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