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The first suit against the State Plan of Moscow Development motioned

Press Release
May 18, 2010

The YABLOKO party has motioned a suit in the first instance court demanding to oblige the Moscow authorities to provide a state expertise the State Plan of Moscow Development.

According to our information, the State Plan of Moscow Development has not received a positive conclusion from the state expertise in spite of the fact that Mosgosekspertiza (Moscow State Expertise Agency) under the Moscow Government was mandated to conduct it. As far as we know, most experts were dissatisfied with the solution of transport problems in the new plan, runs the statement signed by YABLOKOs Chair Sergei Mitrokhin.

At present public has no access to the conclusion of the state expertise, despite of the fact that it should form an appendix of the State Plan. Also there was no broad public discussion of the plan envisaging changes that will affect the Muscovites.

I have repeatedly asked to provide the conclusion of state expertise both as deputy of the Moscow City Duma, and on behalf of the YABLOKO party, however, all I received are only formal replies, Mitrokhin stressed.

He also indicated that the Moscow Government, the Moscow City Duma and Mosgosekspertiza violated YABLOKOs right to get information on the decision of the state expertise. Mitrokhin confirmed the intention of the party to dispute in court the lawfulness of the State Plan.

Additional information on the State Plan.

The conclusion of the State Expertise was signed on December 22, 2009, a month after the draft was submitted to the Moscow City Duma. The conclusion contains recommendations for further work, which means that it is not a positive conclusion.

In accordance with paragraph 4 of Article 1 of the Moscow Urban Planning Code the state plan can not be approved without a positive conclusion from the state expertise. And in accordance with Article 26 of the Code, the conclusion of the state expertise should be attached to the draft plan submitted by the Mayor of Moscow to the Moscow City Duma.


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Press Release
May 18, 2010