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On the need to maintain and develop labour protection system in Russia

Statement by the YABLOKO party
April 28, 2010

Today, on the International Labour Protection Day, our country, unfortunately, has no achievements to report in this field. The Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO states that the constitutional right of the Russian citizens to labour protection and realization of the right to labour meeting the requirements of safety and social stability are completely violated.

Even the official statistics demonstrates that labour and health of workers are under threat. According to the data from the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development, working conditions of every fifth worker are unsatisfactory.

Most of violations of the labour rights are connected with non-observance of the labour protection law. Direct loss from occupational traumatism in the Russian Federation is 250 times higher than in the US and the EU countries. Also the Russian labour law has many gaps leading to mass-scale lawlessness of the workers.

For example, the Russian Labour Code does not contain a notion of labour contract. The Code does not envisage the responsibility of the employer to provide work to the employee. The owner of the company is not liable by his income or property for the companyТs performance and damage to the health and life of the workers. Thus, the employers are, on one hand, often interested in bankruptcy of their companies and even prepare such bankruptcies, on the other hand, they neglect labour protection norms considering them unprofitable.

A socially irresponsible business at the negligence of the state takes advantage of the hard position of the employees who have to work in the enslaving conditions which in the end results in ousting of qualified labour force Ц from academics to blue collars Ц from the market. The desire to get here-and-now profits completely ousts the care about the future. The complex of these problems in the labour protection field annually costs hundreds of lives and thousands of workers become handicapped.

At the same time laws targeted at exempting the state from its key function Ц regulation and protection of human rights and liberties are adopted. The state transfers the function of control over observance of labour protection rules to the self-regulating organisations that can not be liable for the life and health of the workers.

The Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO demands from the Russian government to

1. stop transfer of labour protection functions from the state to the self-regulating organisations; return the right to control observance of labour norms to the trade unions;
2. create a system of monitoring of labour protection law violations;
3. introduce via the State Duma amendments to the Labour Code laying the material liability (from personal income and property) for the damage to life and health of the workers, their release resulting from bankruptcy and wage arrears on the companiesТ owners ;
4. introduce amendments to the Administrative and the Criminal Code of the RF envisaging punishment for negligent employers for creation of conditions leading to violation of labour protection norms.

Sergei Mitrokhin,
Chairman of the YABLOKO party



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April 28, 2010