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Arrest of scientists in St.Petersburg discredits presidential policy

Statement of the YABLOKO party
April 15, 2010

The Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO calls to release St.Petersburg scientists Eugeni Afanasyev and Svyatoslav Bobyshev.

Considering the УpracticesФ of work of the Federal Security Bureau in the recent years we have all the grounds to state that the accusations set against the scientists in their alleged transfer of state secrets to China are groundless.

Any investigation that the law enforcement consider necessary can be performed without bringing the scientists in custody. We consider such measure of restraint as excessive and demonstratively repressive by nature.

We realise that the state security bodies may have questions to the scientists from the military complex who had intensive contacts with foreign colleagues.

However, determination to take such scientists as spies and filing criminal cases on a smallest suspicion and imprisoning them in the Lefortovo prison means brining real harm to RussiaТs security.

The development of modern science and high tech economics is incompatible with spymania and totalitarian standards of pathological УsecrecyФ regimes. On the opposite, such conditions inevitable lead to stagnation in science and research, and continued and increased Уbrain drainФ.

All this is absolutely incompatible with the task of RussiaТs modernisaiton set by President Medvedev.

We demand from the Federal Security Bureau to stop their discreditation of presidential policies.

Sergei Mitrokhin
Chairman of the YABLOKO party

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April 15, 2010