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Police considers Sergei Mitrokhins calls to Governor Gromov to resign as extremism

Press Release

April 10, 2010

Mass rally took place in Tuchkovo, the Moscow region, on April 10.

The election of the new head of Tuchkovo was conducted under tough pressure from the city administration composed our of United Russia members. The election results have not been recognised valid yet, as the residents of the area voted for Viktor Alksnis who was in opposition to United Russia.

YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin who participated in the rally called Governor of the Moscow region Boris Gromov to resign. Mitrokhin called United Russia a party of thieves which not only stole peoples money paid for housing and utilities services, but also tried to steal a victory from Alksnis. In addition, United Russia intended to deprive the people of an opportunity to elect head of Administration of the municipal area. The Council of Deputies planned to examine this issue already at their meeting on April 13.

The police considered Sergei Mitrokhins calls to Governor Gromov to resign as extremism and summoned Viktor Alksnis as organiser of the rally to the local police department for explanations. Sergei Mitrokhin and Viktor Alksnis gave their explanations in the police department.


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A rally in Tuchkovo, the Moscow Region, to demand resignation of the Governor. Press Release,
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Press Release

April 10, 2010