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Russias Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin sends a letter to Public Prosecutor in defence of the Khimki forest

Press Release

March 25, 2010


Russias Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin asked Public Prosecutor Yury Chaika to examine whether the governments decision to construct a highway Moscow St.Petersburg that has to go through the Khimki forest was lawful.

In accordance with the order of the Government the lands of the Khimki forest were transferred to the category of industrial lands.

In his letter to Public Prosecutor Vladimir Lukin noted that the Khimki forest is a protected natural territory in accordance with the Forestry Code, thus any cuttings should be prohibited there.

Even after transfer of these lands into an industrial category, this prohibition will be still valid. In this case the decision of constructing a highway which has to go through the forest violates the law, as it envisages total cutting of trees in the construction site, runs the letter.

Lukin also recalled that when examining several variants of the construction project the government chose the most economically profitable project, which allowed for construction of infrastructure objects along the highway, thus, maximally harming the environment.

YABLOKO has been engaged in the protection of the Khimki forest for a long time already: the party held different actions, rallies and press-conferences, participated in round table discussions also applied to the Vinci company and the EBRD asking them to curb their participation in the project, and also applied to the State Duma asking not to adopt the changes into the Forestry Code.


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Press Release

March 25, 2010