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About 500 people came to a rally in Penza

Press Release

March 20, 2010

A rally against raising of transport tax took place in Penza.

The rally was organised by an initiative group of Penza car owners at support of the YABLOKO party.

The regional authorities tried to use the media of the city so that not to let people come to the rally. However, about 500 people came to the rally (a good result for Russia). The action was also supported by the activists of the Volya party and the Left Front movement.

The participants of the rally protested against raising of the transport tax in the Penza region, inclusion of the transport tax into fuel price and against paid highways.

The activists held slogans УGovernment to dismissal!Ф, УWho will be responsible for fiscal lawlessness?Ф, УA car is not a luxury. The luxury is the taxФ, etc.

Some speakers even proposed to block the Moscow Ц Samara federal highway so that to draw attention to their requirements. This shows that people are in despair.

The rally also took a decision to start a legal action so that to make the government revise the tax.

About two dozens policemen observed the rally, however no one was arrested this time.

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Press Release

March 20, 2010