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Urgency Resolution submitted by the YABLOKO to the ELDR Council

Rome, March 12, 2010

Regional Elections in Russia

The European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party, convening in Rome, Italy on 12th March 2010:

- The ELDR Party resolution “Russian Elections” adopted in November 20092;
- That regional elections are taking place this Sunday (14th March 2010) and ELDR’s member party, Yabloko is not being allowed to run in the regions of Sverdlovsk and Kaluga;
- That despite President Medvedev’s statements on access to participating in elections, the Yabloko Party continues to be discriminated against.

Calls on the Russian authorities to:
- Take urgent remedial measures in ensuring free and fair elections and maximum public control over voting;
- Observe Russia’s obligations to ensure democratic standards under its membership of the OSCE and the Council of Europe.

- Raise this issue with the ALDE Groups in the Council of Europe and the European Parliament.

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ELDR Council

Rome, March 12, 2010