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Environmentally unfriendly bulbs versus nuclear power stations?

Acad.Alexei Yablokovs blog at the Echo Moskvi web-site
December 7, 2009

I was wondering why our government suddenly made a complete ban on incandescent electric bulbs its prime concern (Law of the RF No 261-FZ On Energy Saving and Raising of Energy Efficiency and on Introduction of Changes into Some Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation of November 23, 2009).

And recently I have heard the news that Europe has been closing production of incandescent electric lamps of the first generation (luminescent, with mercury) the very lamps that have to replace our incandescent electric bulbs. And these environmentally unfriendly productions are offered cheaply to those who would be eager to buy them. Let us make a simple calculation. If:

1. each individual has to buy at least a couple of such bulbs;
2. the average cost of such a bulb will amount to about 150 roubles (about USD 5);
3. manufacturers profit will make 35%;

then buying an environmentally unfriendly technology for USD 1 mln and spending additional RUR 150 mln (approx. USD 5 mln) to launch the production of such miracle bulbs in Russia, someone will get USD 484 mln of profit [35 % from RUR 42 bln. (140 mln people 2 RUR 150) 6 mln]. I suspect that Presidential Administration has already known who should get the money.

However, my heart aches not because all of this: these environmentally unfriendly bulbs can allegedly economise so much energy as produced by half of our projected nuclear power stations. And this will cost by 50 60 times less than construction of ten nuclear power stations. Even if we have to spend from our pockets (our federal budget) another 3 4 bln roubles (USD 100 140 mln) on collection of burnt-out bulbs, construction or reconstruction of about 1,000 of landfills for burying of such a massive of waste of the first class of hazard (as a miracle bulb contains about 50 mg of mercury), in any way, such energy saving lamps will be dozens of times (!) more profitable for Russia than even more dangerous nuclear power stations.

I shall be glad if someone could correct these calculations.


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Acad.Alexei Yablokovs blog at the Echo Moskvi web-site
December 7, 2009