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Sergei Mitrokhin: The democratic project of the countrys development is closed

Press Release
November 30, 2009

On Saturday, November 29, 2009, a meeting of YABLOKOs Bureau took place in Moscow. The Bureau adopted decisions on working over persuading the government not to abolish indexation of unemployment benefits, return gratuitous public transport tickets for pensioners of the Moscow Region and creation of nature reserve Utrish. The Bureau also heard the reports of the Human Rights and the Gender factions of the party.

The meeting was opened by party Chair Sergei Mitrokhin who made a report on the political situation in Russia. It has become clear after voting on October 11 that elections as a legitimate institution that could be trusted by the society is completely ruined in Russia. This means that the democratic project of the countrys development initiated in the late 1980s has been completely closed now and not only by the ruling elite, but by the society as well, Mitrokhin said. According to Mitrokhin, the forthcoming YABLOKOs congress (that will take place in December 2009) has to formulate the basis of a new democratic project for Russia.

Chair of the socio-democratic faction of the party Anatoly Golov submitted to the Bureau draft resolution on infringement of the rights of the unemployed. The Bureau expressed protest in connection with the decision of the Government not to conduct indexation of unemployment benefits in 2010. According to Golov, this dooms millions of people to destitute. YABLOKO proposes to restore the institution of insurance from the loss of job and demands fixing the minimum unemployment benefit at at least subsistence minimum and the maximum benefit at two subsistence minimums.

Anatoly Golov, Boris Misnik, member of the party Political Committee and Dmitry Ilyushin, Deputy Chair of the Moscow Region branch of YABLOKO also submitted a draft statement on infringement of pensioners rights in the Moscow Region.

The Government of the Moscow Region headed by Boris Gromov decided to cover its failing and devastating economic policy with cynical groundings for abolishing of gratuitous public transport tickets for pensioners of the Moscow Region, Dmitry Ilyushin told. General Gromov did not have the courage to admit his defeat and he decided to amend the budget holes at the expense of pensioners, he added. Ilyushin also said that 2010 will bring a lot of unpleasant surprises for the population of the Moscow Region, such as virtual abolishment of allowances for covering of housing and communal services, closing of 138 schools and dismissal of 9,000, rising of monopolies tariffs, transport monopolies inclusive.

The Bureau adopted a decision to apply to the Moscow Government with a request to allot funds for compensation of public transportation fares for the pensioners of the Moscow Region in 2010.

The leader of the Gender faction of the party Galina Mikhalyova submitted to the Bureau draft statement on growing discrimination of women in Russia. Discrimination of women in Russia has increased, and it is a result of curbing of democratic institutions in the country, Mikhalyova said. Growing inequality between men and women in the wage pay is obvious, the crisis also affected the share of dismissed women of pre-pension age and women with small children. Financing of the social sphere was also reduced, this affected children allowances, kindergartens and orphanages, she noted.

According to Mikhalyova, in view of growing clerical trends the andocentric moods in the society also rose. According to the World Economic, Forum Russias rank as of representation of women in politics fall from 91 (out of 115).

YABLOKO remains the only party in Russia which fights for equal rights and possibilities for women, Mikhalyova said.

Deputy head of St.Petersburg branch of YABLOKO Nikolai Rybakov initiated a statement demanding to create national park Utrish in the Krasnodar Area. The movement for creation of such a park began in 1980s, however, no definite decision has been taken yet. At present a cade forest has been cut under construction of a road to the new recreation complex of the Presidential Property Management Department, Rybakov noted.

The Bureau demanded from the authorities to abolish the plans of building a recreation complex in the unique natural area and to commission the Ministry of Natural Resources to create a nature reserve there.

The Bureau also heard the reports of the Human Rights and the gender factions of the party. Human rights activist Valery Borschyov said that a very important result of the work was adoption by the State Duma of the law On public control over observation of human rights in the places of forced imprisonment.

Borschyov also marked round table discussion organised by the Ossetian YABLOKO for the Ingushes and Ossetians in Nazran in September 2009. President of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Yevkyrov, Russias Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin, Supreme Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe and leading human rights activists also participated in this round table.

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Press Release

November 30, 2009