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The Moscow City Court ruled that granting a plot of land to the police top official in the nature reserve park was unlawful

Press Release,
November 10, 2009

On November 5, 2009, the Moscow City Court left in force the decision of the Tushino District Court regarding abuse of rank by the dismissed head of the North-Western Administrative District of Moscow Viktor Kozlov, who unlawfully granted 3,688 sq.m of land in the natural preservation zone of the Valley of the Skhodnya River Park for lease to the ex-top officer of the interior General Major Anatoly Petukhov.

According to the ruling of the court, the plot of land granted on unlawful basis Petukhov has to be retrieved. The decision is final and binding.

Trials on other plots of land in the Kurkino preservation zone (including the plot granted by Kozlov to his wife) have not finished yet.

The Moscow City Court decision on Petukhovs plot creates a precedent for further retrieval and final clearing of the whole natural territory unlawfully occupied by elite cottages, said YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin.

In June 2009 Mitrokhin together with journalists from the Vesti-Moscow and Ren-TV television channels held deputys inspection of the natural preservation zone the Valley of the Skhodnya River in Kurkino, where elite cottages were built on permission of Viktor Kozlov (then head of the administrative district). Mitrokhin showed to the journalists the order signed personally by Kozlov allotting a plot of land in the nature reserve park to his wife. This case got much coverage in the media. The next day after the deputys inspection the Moscow City Duma decided to turn down the amendments into the law On Natural Preservation Zones envisaging corrections of the Valley of the Skhodnya River area that would allow cottage construction in the nature reserve park.

In August 2009 head of the district Viktor Kozlov was dismissed from his post. And three days after the dismissal the Tushino District Court of Moscow satisfied the claim of the Public Prosecutor on Kozlovs abuse of rank and unlawful distribution of the lands of the nature reserve park

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