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Liberal International accused the Russian authorities in election fraud on October 11, 2009

Press Release
November 1, 2009

The 56th congress of the Liberal International, international organisation of liberals and liberal parties, finished its work yesterday night.

The congress adopted basic resolution World Today reflecting liberal assessment of situation in different countries and regions of the world.

Assessing the situation in Russia the congress noted that the legislation which has extended the term of the Russian Presidency from four to six years, going against the basic democratic rule of governmental change and leading to the growth of bureaucratic supremacy and corruption in Russia. On the initiative of Sergei Mitrokhin, YABLOKOs delegate at the congress, the resolution also expressed concern about the ongoing trend towards abolishing of honest and fair elections, as well as curbing of human rights in Russia.

Another amendment submitted by Sergei Mitrokhin in the final resolution referred to assessment of the military conflict between Russia and Georgia in August 2008. The initial paragraph of the resolution laid all the blame for the developments in the South Ossetia and escalation of the conflict on the Russian side only. This version of the resolution also restated the conviction of the LI that the integration into NATO of aspiring states such as Georgia will contribute further to democratisation and stabilisation on the European continent.

Mitrokhin managed to persuade the congress to cut this abstract from the final resolution, as well as one-sided accusations of the Russian side only in the conflict. Mitrokhins amendment stated that both the sides did not take proper steps for reduction of tensions. The congress also called Russia and Georgia to to refrain from hasty political steps and statements leading to further escalation of tensions. LI calls all parties involved to guarantee the human rights of all civilians who suffered from the conflict.

On the initiative of YABLOKOs leader the congress also adopted a separate resolution on election fraud in Russia on October 11, 2009.

Expressing its concern in view of unprecedented falsifications of the elections results and violations of the law, which was confirmed by observers from all the political parties except for the ruling party the congress called the Russian authorities to observe Russias obligations under its membership in the OSCE and in the Council of Europe on ensuring free and fair elections in the country.

The congress also called the Russian authorities to conduct a complex inspection of the complaints of the actions (or negligence) of election commissions in all the Russian Federation subjects, all the evidence of fraud published by the mass media and punish all those guilty of the election fraud, as well as take urgent remedy measures up to recognising the elections void, and conduct new elections.

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Press Release

November 1, 2009