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The Sixth Anti-Hatred March toook place in St.Petersburg

Press Release
November 2, 2009

The Sixth Anti-Hatred March in memory of Nikolai Giryenko took place in St.Petersburg
on October 31, 2009.

Representatives from the YABLOKO and the Right Cause party, Solidarity and Oborona (Defence) movements, SoldiersТ Mothers (St.Petersburg branch), Memorial, the Social-Democratic Youth Union, St.Petersburg Council for Protection of Human Rights, activists of the Vikhod (the Way Out) organisation, anarchists and ordinary citizens concerned by the growth of xenophobia in the society participated in the march. The march joined together over 500 people.

The participants walked from the Yubileiniy sports complex to the Sakharov Square, where a rally took place.

The March was held under the slogans: УNo to Xenophobia!Ф and УFor Russia Without Racism!Ф

Initially conceived as a tribute to academic and human rights activist Nikolai Giryenko shot by right-wing nationalists on June 19, 2004, the march turned into anti-hatred march, a solidarity action for all those resisting social order based on fear and hatred. Inequality of the rights and discrimination as of social, cultural, national, ethnic, race, religious, gender factors or sexual orientation should be eliminated as contradicting the interests of building a welfare state in the multicultural, multinational and multiconfessional Russia, as well as worldwide.

"Killed by the Nazis", photogrpah of Nikolai Giryenko


Youth YABLOKO activists


"Anti-Hatred March"

"For Russia withour Nazism!"

"We Are Against Racism"

YABLOKO's column


Photographs of Nikolai Giryenko and Anna Politkovskaya


The mourning list of people killed by Nazis


Placard of the Youth YABLOKO with quotations from great politicians and artists who fought against Nazism.

Placard "United Russia: No Nacism?" by the Youth YABLOKO (a bear on the progovernmental party's elblem symbolises only the Russian nation, albeit Russia is a multinational state).


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Press Release

November 2, 2009