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On non-recognition of the results of the elections of October 11, 2009, and the need to investigate cases of franchise violations

Statement of the Bureau of the Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO
October 19, 2009

Adopted by the party Bureau on October 17, 2009


An obvious fraud of the results of the voting on October 11, 2009, showed to the Russian society and the entire world that the institute of democratic elections was virtually demolished in Russia.

Instead of lawful elections the country saw that the law was defeated by a group of persons who used their administrative and political resource for illegitimate seizure of power.

Total administrative pressure and mass-scale fraud probed and developed during previous election cycles reached unprecedented scope. Violations in Moscow, the Moscow region, Astrakhan and Derbent were particularly mass-scale, open and cynical.

It was the first time that electoral commissions refused to register parties and candidates in the election race, thus restricting the choice for the citizens under insignificant and often completely unlawful cavil. For the first time the capacity of state law-enforcement agencies was used during collection of signatures and campaigning for pressing candidates and observers, moreover representatives of these agencies directly participated in the fraud.

Observers from different political parties at the elections registered about 20 types of grave systematic and mass-scale violations testifying of an overall election fraud.

None of the figures on the votes given for any of the political parties participating in the elections of October 11, 2009, can be recognized as trustworthy.

According to different estimates, the results of the YABLOKO party in Moscow were lowered by about two thirds by the overall fraud. The results of other political parties were also considerably reduced, these parties fell victims of throwing-in of bulletins in favour of the governmental Untied Russia party.

The fact that mass-scale fraud and pressures were applied in accordance with the expectations of the leaders of the country and the Moscow authorities were confirmed by the statements of President Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov that they were satisfied with the election results. We are laying full blame of political responsibility for the overall mockery of franchise in Russia on the top leaders of the Russian Federation.

The Bureau of the YABLOKO party states that it does not recognize the official results of the elections to the Moscow City Duma considering them absolutely illegitimate and regards the official percentage allegedly obtained by the Moscow branch of the YABLOKO party as mass stealing of the votes rather than a defeat in a fair competition.

We do not recognize the legitimacy of the Moscow City Duma (Moscow parliament) which was formed due to multiple violations of the Russian laws.

We demand that not only those who directly implemented these multiple crimes against franchise, regardless of their number, but also those who ordered and organised these crimes, regardless of whoever they are, are found and brought to trial.

We also think that the elections in those municipal entities of the Moscow region, in particular in the Klin, Shatura and Stupino districts, where YABLOKOs candidates and other candidates were not allowed to participate in the election race, are illegitimate. The YABLOKO party will use all the legal remedies so that these elections be considered void and all those guilty of violations be determined and punished.

Mass-scale franchise violations also took place in the Tula region ranging from manipulations with mobile ballot boxes to direct voter graft and purposeful distortion of electorates expression of will. The information we dispose of allows us to doubt the legitimacy of the election which took place in this region on October 11, as well as the legitimacy of the new legislative body of the Tula region.

We have no grounds to consider elections of the Mayor of Derbent in any way free or legitimate, as voters were not let to 13 out of 36 polling stations there, and voter access to other polling stations was selective basing on political loyalty to the present Mayor and the United Russia party.

The Bureau of the Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO demands from the Office of the Public Prosecutor General of the RF to conduct a complex inspection of the complaints of the actions (or negligence) of election commissions in all the Russian Federation subjects, as well as all the evidence of fraud published in the mass media. We assume, that corresponding measures of procuratorial response should be adopted, up to applying to the courts with a claim to annul as unlawful the official results of elections of deputies of the Moscow City Duma, Mayors of Astrakhan and Derbent, and other bodies and officials elected on October 11, 2009, with violations of franchise.

The Bureau of the YABLOKO party insists on dissolution of electoral commissions of all levels in Moscow, as well as electoral commissions in other federation subjects where mass-scale violations of franchise took place on October 11, 2009.

The newly formed electoral commissions of all the levels should ensure that representatives from all the present Russias political parties should have equal participation there with a casting vote.

We demand conducting new elections to the Moscow City Duma, the state power and local self-government bodies in other federation subjects; whereas free and equal conditions for all the political parties and candidates should be ensured, new electoral commissions established and maximum public control over elections and voting installed.

We are calling all the political parties and public associations, all the citizens of Russia insulted by cynical flouting of the fundamental civil and political rights of the citizens to join this statement and support these claims, as well as to add their efforts to ours in the fight for the institute of lawful and fair elections in Russia which is the only basis for formation of the lawful state power and local self-government bodies.

We are also expressing our gratitude to all who has supported us and is supporting us.


Sergei Mitrokhin,
Chairman of the YABLOKO party


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Statement of the Bureau of the Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO
October 19, 2009