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Violations at the Moscow City Duma elections

Press Release
October 12, 2009

The Moscow Duma elections saw multiple violations despite the reports of the Moscow Electoral Commission that no grave violations were registered during this election.

Thus, on the threashold of the election day, the Moscow Electoral Commission had suddenly run out of absentee voting certificates. This situation was observed in Otradnoye, Basmanniy, Beskudnikovo, Strogino, Northern Tushino.

On the election day, October 11, observers from the YABLOKO party were not allowed to implement their function. Thus, YABLOKOs activist Semyon Burd was deported from voting station No 118 (Presnya) by force. The local electoral commission gave Burd its decision prohibiting him to observe the counting of votes. Such a decision was adopted in violation of the Election Code. In Meschansky district YABLOKOs observers were deported from the voting station under a pretext that the stamps on their documents did not overlap Sergei Mitrokhins signature.

An hour before expiration of the time of voting (from 7 to 8 p.m.)YABLOKO received a storm of telephone calls from the worried voters. The voters coming to the voting stations between 7 and 8p.m. found out that someone had already voted on their behalf.

Also coaches full of voters (the so-called merry-go-round) were commuting from one electoral district to another. The same passengers of such coachers voted at several districts several times. Such coaches were observed at Begovaya, Mariyna Roscha, Northern Medvedkovo, Arbat, Presnya and some other districts. YABLOKOs observers reported that such voters put in a calendar with matryoshka or a white stripe of paper in their passports (bulletins are given only after verification of the passport data). A coach with a licence plate indicating that it belonged to the Ministry of Defence and with a sign The Moscow City Duma 2009 was observed at Presnya. YABLOKOs attempt to stop this coach was halted by the road police.

The police also actively participated in fraud. Thus, YABLOKOs activists noticed by Tretyakovskaya metro station (by YABLOKOs office) that police stopped a man, checked his documents and handed him a batch of bulletins as well as a list of voting stations.

At Pyatnitskaya street YABLOKOs activists also saw policemen seeing several persons to a car with a sign Elections.

YABLOKOs observers many times indicated that policemen allegedly coming to vote tried to get a bulletin showing their police card and not a passport (where registration is indicated so that an electoral commission can see at what voting station the citizen should vote) as required by law.

By Tulskaya and Nagatinskaya metro stations voters were offered to get money for their votes.

Ballot-stuffing was observed at several districts (Krasnoslskoye, Akademicheskaya, Left-bank, Northern Medvedkovo and other). For example, one person put 41 ballots into the box (40 for United Russia and 1 for communists) before voting begin. Then he came once again and stuffed in 39 more ballots. Members of the commission amended this violation, however, he came against and stuffed in another batch. The commission adopted a decision not to count this ballot-box. Such violations were registered by YABLOKOs and CPRF observers.

In Arbat 82 voters (who turned out to be all school teachers) voted in the district they did not live in, at location of their school, without absentee voting certificates.

In Otdanoye the local commission gave to old age pensioners bulletins with markings as if they voted for the United Russia. Old people often could not notice this due to problems with eyesight.

Also mass-scale voting of students non-residents of the district was also observed in Otradnoye. However, a representative of the Territorial Commission refused to acknowledge this violation.

A reserve electoral district (not indicated by the Moscow Electoral Commission in its official documents) was detected in the centre of the city (Smolenskaya naberezhnaya 5/13). The entrance to this electoral district ran Leisure Club; whereas the electoral districts should have a clear sign.

Mass-scale violations were detected in voting at home (allowed for the sick or old age pensioners). Members of electoral commissions in charge of such voters always took a considerably larger number of bulletins than required in the citizens requests.

In the Northern Medvedkovo district the access to the voting station was blocked from 8 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. The security did not open the doors as they allegedly had not got the orders yet.

Another grave violation was registered by YABLOKOs observer at electoral district No 123 (Tagansky area). Chair of the commission gave bulletins to the citizens - non-residents of the district who could not produce any absentee voting certificates.

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Press Release

October 12, 2009