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YABLOKO to continue development of law on education of the handicapped

Press Release
September 25, 2009

On September 24, Commission on Education and Science of the Moscow City Duma discussed draft law “On Education of the Handicapped in Moscow”.

Chair of the Moscow Duma Commission and member of the YABLOKO faction Eugeni Bunimovich stressed that neither Moscow nor Russia had seen a clear system for social rehabilitation of handicapped children, despite some emerging practices in this sphere, especially in Moscow. Bunimovich stressed that one of the key tasks of the law would be to legalise the experience accumulated in Moscow.

Deputies of the Moscow Duma agreed with Eugeni Bunimovich that the draft should be adopted in the first reading. YABLOKO plans in its work over the draft law to introduce amendments with regard to the proposals of public organisations working with the disabled.

The draft law envisages mechanisms for ensuring the right for education of any level for the handicapped and defines the term “inclusive education”, incorporates important norms referring to provision of jobs to the people with disabilities.

The law will also systematize the present programmes of social adaptation of handicapped children; provides a list of the state aid measures, sets the order of organisation of education of the handicapped in special educational institutions, at home, in the medical organisations or in any other type of educational institutions.

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Press Release
September 25, 2009