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Restriction on activities of foreign teachers represents restoration of the iron curtain

Statement of the YABLOKO party
July 17, 2009

The Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO is against introduction of changes into the law On the legal status of foreigners restricting the activities of foreign teachers and educators in Russia.

The key arguments of those proposing the amendment and toughening the law (frequent cases of raising ethnic hatred, imposing of extremism, as well as detrimental actions of foreign teachers against Russias national security) are beneath criticism and represent invented threats.

We think that governments initiative implants the image of the outside world as a circle of enemies, restorattes the iron curtain and the old system of governing leading Russia to spiritual, political, economic and cultural degradation.

We are certain that cooperation between Russian and foreign teachers and academics is a must for introduction of new information and technologies, building of a free society and innovative economy.

Refusal to integrate Russias science into the worlds science and narrowing of educational communicative channels lead to depletion of intellectual capital of the country and Russias isolation.

We are calling the government and the parliament to abolish the plans of restriction of foreign teaching.

Russia should be open for knowledge!

Sergei Mitrokhin Chairman of the YABLOKO party

Statement of the YABLOKO party
July 17, 2009