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YABLOKO calls to change Russias foreign policy

Press Release
July 3, 2009

Current trends towards growth of authoritarianism and corruption, neoimperialism, rehabilitation of Stalins regime, unbridled anti-Western propaganda in the mass media create a serious obstacle for efficient foreign and defence policies, as well as domestic and economic policies. This trend should be reversed, runs YABLOKOs programme declaration on Russias foreign policy.

Proceeding from the analysis of Russias failures on the world arena in 2008, YABLOKO proposes to change Russias foreign policies. YABLOKO states that in the short term Russia have to make a choice: either it will become a raw material appendage for the West, as well as dynamically developing economies of India and China, or will pursue the way of development of industrially developed democratic states, which requires deep transformations of its economy and politics, foreign policies inclusive.

We are certain that Russias place is among democratic states sharing the humanistic values of the European civilization, which Russia genetically belongs to. Given the European-oriented way of Russias foreign policies, Yabloko proposes new conceptions and a package of action plans targeted at strengthening of the position of the Russian Federation on the world arena and more fruitful international co-operation for tackling global challenges.

In particular, YABLOKOs foreign policy proposals include the following:

  • creation of a joint Russian-American-European ABM system;
  • complex proposals on reduction and limitation of nuclear and conventional weapons in bilateral and multilateral formats, as well as strengthening of non-proliferation regime for the weapons of mass destruction;
  • firm and principled position on Irans nuclear programme so that Teheran would implement the UN Security Council resolutions;
  • Russia permission to NATO for transition of military cargos to Afghanistan through the Russian territory;
  • abolishing of neoimperialist ideas and dangerous geopolitical fantasies, formulation of Russias economic, military and other interests toward each of the CIS countries, provision of multilateral guarantees of territorial integrity of the CIS countries (normalization of relations with Ukraine comes on the first place here);
  • reduction of Russias demonstrative military activity and the tone of its militant declarations; instead of such staged performances Russia should initiate jointly with NATO, Japan, China and India creation of a permanent grouping of naval forces against maritime piracy;
  • promotion of international cooperation in the Arctic region on ecologically safe exploitation of the Arctic resources and the Northern Sea Route instead of focusing on a unilateral seizure of Arctic natural resources and resurgence of military confrontation with other Arctic countries; and some other steps.

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Russia-EU Relations

Press Release
July 3, 2009