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YABLOKO Presents Its Anti-Crisis Plan

Press Release
June 30, 2009

Boosting of domestic demand, fight against corruption and protection of human rights should become top priorities for Russias domestic policies. Such goals are envisaged by YABLOKOs Anti-Crisis Plan for Russia.

Housing, Roads and Land

This project targeted at stimulation of domestic demand by means of large-scale state investments into construction of subsidized housing and roads and transfer of land into private property under housing construction constitutes the major part of YABLOKOs package.

Large-scale construction of housing is of huge social importance for Russian people, and at the same time it may play the role of a sole engine capable of putting the whole national economy into motion. Investments into construction of housing will create new jobs and lead to economic growth in other sectors of the economy. Rising domestic demand will push up growth throughout the whole economy, stated Grigory Yavlinsky, renowned economist and former Chairman of the YABLOKO party.

YABLOKO proceeds from the fact that the state still has enough money for mass-scale construction of housing; 75 per cent of available state reserve and budget funds should be allotted to this goal. The government has the capacity to allot at least 14 trillion roubles (over Euro 300 billion) for construction of housing, roads and the required infrastructure in the next seven years. This amount will reach half of all investments into Russia.

These investments should be accompanied by mass-scale transfer of the state-owned land into private property under housing construction.

Curbing Corruption

Corruption in Russia can hamstring even well-intending governmental programmes. According to Transparency International, Russia is ranked 147th out of total 180 states as of Corruption Perception Index for 2008. YABLOKO insists that it is impossible to fight corruption without democratisation of Russias political system, introduction real political competition and promotion of freedom of speech.

In addition to a vitally important political modernization YABLOKO proposed an action plan envisaging formation of an inter-party public council for anti-corruption monitoring of the legislation, and nomination of candidates to the key posts in the law enforcement agencies.

Human Rights

Protection of social and economic rights of the citizens should become the prime concern for the authorities. YABLOKO submitted to the government a draft law on transparency of natural monopolies tariffs. The law is targeted at protection of the citizens from arbitrary raise of tariffs. The package envisages measures for support of small and medium-scale business, improvement of access to education and healthcare, overcoming of children homelessness and violence against children.

YABLOKO points out that anti-crisis measures also require changes in Russias foreign and domestic policies. Modernization of Russia is incompatible with paternalistic approach and reactionary Eurasian ideology, it is possible only within the framework of the European way of development of Russia, noted Sergey Mitrokhin, YABLOKO Chairman.

YABLOKOs Anti-Crisis Plan was handed to President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev by the party leaders at the meeting on June 11, 2009.

For more details see YABLOKOs web-site http://eng.yabloko.ru/Press/2009/06302.html

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June 30, 2009