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Investigation of the Fact of Censorship to Be Continued
YABLOKO helped VGTRK to find its own video

May 27, 2009

Chairman of the YABLOKO party Sergei Mitrokhin received an answer from the Department of the Federal Service for Control in the Field of Mass Communications in the Saratov Region on Mitrokhins application asking to give an assessment to the fact when Saratov GTRK television company used shades to conceal YABLOKOs emblem in its report about YABLOKOs picketing in support of a director of a television company who had been severely attacked.

Acting head of the Service S.Ilyasov informed Mitrokhin that the video reel was destroyed, therefore investigation was impossible. Fortunately, the video material was not deleted from the television companys web-site. It may be found at saratov.rfn.ru .

In case of any technical errors a copy of the video was placed at our web-site too.

We do hope that this happy founding will allow to proceed with the investigation on violations of freedom of speech, as well as the rights of our party.

Below is a photocopy of S.Ilyasovs answer.

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May 27, 2009