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Sergei Mitrokhin: the reform of the interior should begin from the clean hands operation

Press Release
February 25, 2010

Round table The Reform of the Interior Must Meet the Expectations of the Civil Society initiated by Deputy Chair of the Moscow YABLOKO Andrei Babushkin took place in the press centre of the Moscow Interior department on February 25.

Representatives of human rights organisations including such renowned figures as Ludmila Alexeyeva and Valery Borschyov participated in the round table. YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin also participated in the discussion. The interior needs not simply to make staff reduction, but anti-corruption cleaning, Mitrokhin said.

Russian President proposed to dismiss 300,000 interior workers (almost 20% of the total staff), however, he did not offer any criteria here. Therefore, according to Mitrokhin, dismissals may be conducted on the basis of some formal principle (e.g. age) rather than qualification. This means that no measures targeted at curbing corruption in the interior will be taken, Mitorkhin said.

Mitrokhin proposed to start the reform from introduction of income statements for all the interior workers and publication of these statements at the official web-sites of the interior bodies. In case the declared income does not match with the actual expenditures, such worker should be dismissed.

In addition, Mitrokhin proposed to appoint one of the deputy ministers in charge of the clean hands operation only.

In case staff reduction is carried out in a mechanical way as is proposed today, it will not lead to any positive changes in the interior. The interior will remain corrupt from top to bottom, Mitrokhin said.

YABLOKOs leader also proposed other measures: the ministry should conclude with its new worker a state contract which should include a social package, for example, a state financed loan on a purchase of housing which will be cleared by the state after 25 years of irreproachable service, however, will be subject to annulment in case of corruption.

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Press Release. February 24, 2010

Press Release
February 25, 2010