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Kaluga Region Court turns down YABLOKOs claim regarding registration of the party in the election campaign

Press Release

February 25, 2010


The Court of the Kaluga Region turned down YABLOKOs claim regarding registration of the party in the election campaign to the regional parliament.

The experts of the regional electoral commission announced 600 signatures out of total 8,452 collected in support of YABLOKOs list invalid (at permissible number of defective signatures amounting to 400). YABLOKO managed to prove in court that the signatures were valid only in 77 cases, however, to get registered the party had to obtain such a decision on 201 signatures.

YABLOKOs activist and deputy of the Kaluga regional parliament Sergei Fadeyev who participated in the trial on behalf of YABLOKO, said that the electoral commission had lied and mixed everything up wherever possible.

YABLOKOs activists gave their reasoning for annulment of the decision not to register YABLOKOs list, however, the court did not consider them worthy of consideration.

For example, over 100 signatures were considered invalid as the collectors of signatures allegedly had not signed under the corrections made in the lists. However, YABLOKOs collectors had signed all the lists with corrections.

In some cases the arguments of the electoral commission in recognizing signatures void were even more surprising. Thus, in the list below the electoral commission could not determine the year of birth (the photo below shows that it is clearly 1977).

In the photo below the electoral commission failed to see what was the number of the flat (the photo shows distinct figure 60).

The judge did not take into account that in violation of the law YABLOKO had not been informed of the time and place of the check of signatures. The representatives of the electoral commission stated that they had notified YABLOKO in oral form, however, this statement contradicted to witnesses statements that the commission had promised to notify YABLOKO of the date of the check.

Moreover, the law envisages that information on all the checks and as well as all the documents should be handed to representatives of the parties at least two days prior to the electoral commission meeting. YABLOKO was notified of the date and time of the check on the same day, three hours prior to the check.

In violation of the law, the electoral commission refused to give documents to YABLOKOs representatives at its meeting. Moreover there were multiple errors in the terms and even dates in the documents issued by the electoral commission.

YABLOKO is going to appeal the present decision of the court in the Supreme Court of the RF.


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Press Release

February 25, 2010