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YABLOKO continues Decent Pensions to the Military campaign

Press Release
February 24, 2010

Rallies and pickets took place in different Russias cities within the framework of YABLOKOs campaign Decent Pensions to the Military on February 23, the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

About thousand people came to the rally in Lipetsk demanding to raise scanty military pensions. Military pensioners, YABLOKOs activists and CPRF activists held slogans Putin to Dismissla!, Military Pension a Disgrace of the Government!

About 150 people, less than planned due to severe frosts, came to the rally in Kazan. The activists held placards Russias Government Forgot about Military Veterans!, Compensations to Military Pensioners Were Not Raised for 15 years!, European Pensions to Match European Tariffs!, We Served the Motherland but the Motherland Forgot About Us.

Four pickets were organised in Novgorod: YABLOKOs activists distributed leaflets and collected signatures under the address to the Russian President. The residents of the city even queued at one of the pickets located in the centre of the city so that to put their signatures under an address to Dmitry Medvedev demanding to change the system of calculation of military pensions.

About 400 people participated in YABLOKOs action in Kostroma.

YABLOKOs Astrakhan branch conducted three pickets out of four, due to the ban of the local authorities on one of the locations.

In Murmansk the rally was conducted with participation of the military pensioners from other cities Severomorsk, Gadzhiyevo, Vidyaevo and Visokoye. One of YABLOKOs slogans in Murmansk was the demand to provide housing for the military.

A picket in Ryazan is conducted today.

Rallies also took place in Cheboksary, Kalinigrad and Moscow on February 23.

In all the cities the citizens put their signatures under an address to the President with a demand to change the present system of calculation of military pensions.

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Human Rights

Press Release

February 24, 2010