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Apple tree garden in Biryulyovo, Moscow, will be preserved

Press Release

January 25, 2010

УApple tree garden in Biryulyovo, Moscow, will not be cutФ, Vladimir Resin, head of the Moscow Construction Complex told to YABLOKOТs leader Sergei Mitrokhin during their meeting today. Moreover, the plot of land with the apple tree garden will be included into the natural reserve Biryulyovo Dendrary Park.

Initially the local Moscow authorities planned to build a parking for 1,200 cars instead of the apple tree garden bordering on the Biryulyovo Dendrary Park. In November 2009 the residents of the area applied Sergei Mitrokhin for help. YABLOKOТs leader sent a letter to the Deputy Moscow Mayor Vladimir Resin. It was indicated that construction of a parking would ruin a stable ecological system in the area. УThe area has a lot of waste grounds that may suit for construction of a parkingФ, ran the letter.

It is already the second apple tree garden saved by YABLOKO. In 2006 the party managed to stop cutting of the trees in Davydkovo district.

Sergei Mitrokhin and Vladimir Resin also discussed the situation in the Rechnik village and problems of building garages at the Geroyev Panfilovtsev street and two underground parkings at Presnya.

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Press Release

January 25, 2010