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The last professional resigns from management of the nuclear power sector

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The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO expresses its concern in view of the information on the resignation of the head of the Federal Controlling Body for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Russia (Gosatomnadzor) Yuri Vishnevsky.

"One the best qualified managers in the domestic nuclear complex is dismissed," said Deputy Head of the YABLOKO party, deputy of the State Duma Sergei Mitrokhin. - "After his resignation the state's top management responsible for the development and safety of the domestic nuclear complex will have no specialists with past work experience at nuclear power stations, other enterprises of the nuclear-and-fuel complex and other large-scale dangerous nuclear enterprises."

YABLOKO thinks that Vishnevsky' was dismissed for adhering to his principled position on observation of national legislation and MAGATE requirements in safe use of nuclear power. "Vishnevsky was the only head of state management [in the sector] to openly oppose nuclear waste imports into Russia," recollected
Mitrokhin. - "In addition, he actively opposed the adoption of government draft laws that seriously reduce nuclear safety requirements. Owing to his insistent demands the license of production enterprise MAYAK, which had violated environmental legislation, was not resumed."

YABLOKO members expressed their surprise that the official appointed by presidential decree was dismissed by an order from the chairman of the government when the head of state was abroad. "It cannot be ruled that this could have been done without informing Putin," noted Mitrokhin.

Mitrokhin added: "Vishnevsky's dismissal removed a serious obstacle to such risky projects as nuclear waste imports or nuclear cooperation with countries striving to obtain nuclear weapons. His dismissal may have been lobbied by forces directly interested in the implementation of shady contracts."

Mitrokhin also thinks that the adopted decision could have a serious impact on the Russian nuclear complex. "Reduction in the level of corporate governance and safety demands will inevitably lead to a rise in accidents at dangerous domestic nuclear enterprises," stated Mitrokhin. - "It also increases the risks for both the personnel and population."

The State Duma deputy added: "YABLOKO thinks that the decision to dismiss Vishnevsky should be revised. Further decisions on personnel appointments and dismissals with potentially global consequences for Russia's national safety should be adopted with more responsibility."

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