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Alexander Shishlov: We managed to defend the rights of the students of the Moscow State Linguistic University, but we shall continue our work

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We are very glad that we managed to defend the rights of the students of the Moscow State Linguistic University," said Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Education and Science Alexander Shishlov on Thursday, June 26, 2003. "This is an example of how civil society should function: the students were active. Thanks to the support of deputies of the Duma - members of our Committee, the support of YABLOKO and attention of journalists to this issue, they won in a serious conflict with the administration of the university," said Shishlov.

Earlier on Thursday June 26, 2003, during the protest meeting organised by the students of the Moscow State Linguistic University and other Moscow universities, as well as activists of the Moscow branch of the YABLOKO party, the representative of the administration of the Moscow State Linguistic University announced that the decision of the Academic Board of the university (which obliged budget-subsidised students to pay for study of a second foreign language) was cancelled. In addition six top officials of the university received administrative punishments and a special commission will investigate the case.

The protest meeting which took place near the Ministry of Education in Moscow was attended by about seventy people. Twenty students held round signs with graphic images of the main world currencies - which had to mean: we shall not pay either dollars or roubles or EURO of other money for what should be granted to us free (Ed. Which was promised to the applicants to the university).

"We shall not allow them to treat us like this!" This is how Ilya Yashin, Chairman of the Youth branch of YABLOKO opened the meeting.

Students from the University and a representative from the Independent students' trade union also made speeches at the meeting.

In his comments for the journalists on resolution of the case at the University Shishlov also said that YABLOKO and the Duma Committee for Education and Science would continue monitoring the situation in the university. In addition he informed the press that during the vacation period amendments to the law "On Higher and Post-University Education" regulating provision of paid services in education at Russian universities would be prepared by the deputies.


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