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Grigory Yavlinsky believes that terrorism should be fought not only with weapons but also with intellect

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The fight against terrorism implies, together with inevitable military actions, implementation of a broad-scale philosophical and educational programme, thinks the leader of Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky.

He is certain that it is "necessary to introduce basic comprehensive education all over the world, so that all children of the Earth would learn to read and write and have a minimum education, this should become the concern of the whole international community."

Otherwise, stressed Yavlinsky (on Monday October 22, 2001, in the Ekho Moskvi radio station programme) "the children will be easily manipulated and it will be possible to do anything with them." The solution of this problem, according to Yavlinsky, will represent one of the ways of overcoming poverty.

In addition, said Yavlinsky, the "ideological basis of the fight with
terrorism should be formulated on the top theological level." Yavlinsky also stressed that "it should be very accurately and clearly explained that murders of innocent and helpless people will not be rewarded - neither today, nor later, nor in a thousand years."

Asked about the developments in Yabloko, Yavlinsky noted that over the past six months the number of Yabloko members had increased by 5.000 people.

According to Yavlinsky, this "is the most persuasive argument demonstrating what has been going on now."

At the same time he also said that as the head of the Moscow
branch of Yabloko Vyacheslav Igrunov had left the organisation, Yavlinsky had to head this branch himself; 140 participants of the conference had voted for this proposal with only eight against.

"The union for re-founding our party in accordance with the requirements of the new federal law [on political parties] will take place in two or three months," said Yavlinsky. After that "conferences in all the 65 regional branches of Yabloko, the Moscow organisation inclusive, will take place, they will elect their heads and Political Councils."

Based on Interfax reports.

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