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State Duma shows no interest in the problems of nuclear terrorism

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On September 19, 2001 during the first meeting of the State Duma, a deputy from the Yabloko faction, Sergei Mitrokhin proposed listening to the report of Alexander Rumyantsev during the Government’s Hour in the Duma.

Mitrokhin considers it necessary, in view of the threat of terrorism, to obtain from the Minister information on security measures at nuclear objects, such as nuclear power stations, spent nuclear fuel recycling plants and nuclear waste depositories.

Most of the deputies refused to support this proposal. Only 209 deputies voted in favour, compared to the required minimum of 226 votes.

“Unfortunately, many deputies perceive the tragedy in the USA as another pretext for their political promotion rather than a warning which obliges us to also consider our own security. But the problem of nuclear terrorism is especially acute in Russia, which recently adopted a decision to import spent nuclear fuel from all over the world,” Mitrokhin told journalists.

Results of voting to listen to Minister Rumyantsev’s report in the Duma

for % people
Yabloko 77.8 - 14 out of 18
CPRF 83.5% - 71 out of 85
Unity 0% - 0 out of 82
Fatherland-All Russia 65.9% - 29 out of 44
Union of Right-Wing Forces 18.4% - 7 out of 38
LDPR 0% - 0 out of 12
People's deputy 37.3% - 22 out of 59
Russia's regions 55.6% - 25 out of 45
Agro-Industrial Group 90.5% - 38 out of 42

Only three of the independent deputies voted for the proposal.

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