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Yabloko insists on a referendum on the import of nuclear waste to Russia

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The Yabloko party insists on a nation-wide referendum to postpone the laws allowing for the import of spent nuclear fuel into Russia, even if this law is approved by the Federation Council and signed by the President. At the same time Yabloko will do all it can to persuade the Federation Council and the President not to plunge the country into ecological catastrophe.

Grigory Yavlinsky, the leader of the Yabloko party and its faction in the State Duma, told this to journalists after the majority of the deputies of the Duma, under pressure from the Ministry of Nuclear Power, voted on June 6 to adopt at its third reading draft laws allowing for the import of spent nuclear fuel into Russia for its storage and recycling.

The Yabloko faction unanimously voted against these laws.

“Now laws have been passed that absolutely contradict the wishes and interests of the citizens of Russia. Now most of the State Duma deputies voted for the ecological catastrophe postponed for five or ten years. We will do that we can to prove that the will of one hundred million of people in Russia is stronger than the self-interest of three
hundred deputies and five hundred bureaucrats,” said Grigory Yavlinsky.

He also stressed that “today Russia is not capable of controlling the funds which it will receive in 40 years for the recycling of nuclear waste.”

Yavlinsky also noted that the decision of Duma’s majority “will lead to a rise in corruption and spread of ecological danger, diseases and elimination of our natural potential and our possibilities.”

“We categorically oppose this decision,” said Yavlinsky stressing that “this was the first decision of the State Duma that was absolutely contrary to the interests of the citizens.”

“There are no social layers, no such parties and no such groups that would be interested in passing these laws. The whole population oppose this. Nevertheless, 260 deputies of the Duma voted against the will of the people,” “their self-interests are higher than the interests of their electorate,” stressed Yavlinsky.

“It does not make sense to import nuclear waste into a country where the Minister of Extraordinary Situations brings radiators and welders to the Far East to warm the cities and towns there,” added Yavlinsky.

The attitude of the deputies voting for the import of nuclear waste into Russia is reflected in their remarks during the discussion in the Duma. Yavlinsky also drew the attention of the journalists to the fact that these deputies were saying that “people do not understand anything.”

“It was an open vote: every citizen can find out who voted today for the import of nuclear waste into our country,” noted Yavlinsky.

The results of the vote in the Duma for a change in Article 50 of the law “On Enviornmental Protection” allowing for the import of nuclear waste into Russia (in percentage terms):

Yabloko CPRF Unity Fatherland-All Russia SPS People’s Deputy Agro-industrial Group LDPR Russian Regions
“for” 0.0 47.1 86.4 65.9 0.0 66.7 50.0 100.0 55.6





(for more details, go to the Yabloko web-site in the “Voting in the Duma” section)

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