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Yabloko believes that it has an effective coalition with the SPS

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Deputy Head of the Yabloko faction in the RF State Duma, Sergei Ivanenko, thinks that the coalition of his party with the Union of Right-Wing Forces (SPS) is effective.

"Today we (Yabloko and the SPS) are ready to discuss the formation of a single list for the Duma elections in 2003," said Ivanenko.

According to Ivanenko, the two organisations have a clear vision of the coalition. "This is a very close interaction first of all in the Duma, where our coordination councils interact and we coordinate our position in votings on almost all issues; this is also represented by our coordinated policies at regional elections, multiple joint political actions and many other issues," stressed Ivanenko.

He also noted however, that much gossip has been spread about the relations of Yabloko and the SPS. "This will be partially dispersed today due to the preparations of the SPS for their congress scheduled for May 26, and is now discussed broadly by organisations of the SPS," added Ivanenko in an interview published in the "Vremya Novostei" newspaper on Tuesday, May 15, 2001.

Ivanenko also said that the rumours about the merger of Yabloko and the SPS "are a myth which was planted either intentionally or unintentionally into the minds of the public."

At the same time he also thinks that Russia's economy requires "a large-scale break-through to rule collapses as in August 1998." According to Ivanenko, this requires the adoption at the top level of "an important decision on establishing a favourable investment climate" in Russia.

Ivanenko, speaking about his possible proposals to the RF President, Vladimir Putin, said that he would ask the head of state to consider the initiative on forming an economic package like the one established for legal reform.

"We cannot waste time now, as we have already wasted a year and we have to adopt an urgent decision here," stressed Ivanenko.

Based on Interfax reports.

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