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Yabloko congratulates Anatoli Migulov (Yabloko) on his election as head of Arzamas city


Yabloko sends its congratulations to Anatoli Migulov, member of the Yabloko Association, deputy of the City Duma, on his election (on December 24, 2000) to the post of the head of the Arzamas city (Nizhni Novgorod region). He was elected head of Arzamas in the first round of the elections, gaining 57% of the vote.

On December 24, 2000 the following people were elected at the local elections with Yabloko’s support:

- Mayor of Rostov-Don Chernyshov retained his post, gaining a convincing victory over the First Secretary of the City Committee of the CPRF, deputy of the State Duma Nikolai Kolomeitsev;

- Vyacheslav Tarasov was elected Mayor of Chelyabinsk for the third time; - Samodyelov was elected Head of the Balashikha District of Moscow Region;

The Secretary of the Yabloko Association for Election Campaigns Igor Artemyev is positive about the results of local government elections held on December 24, 2000.

The following members of the Yabloko Association became members of:

- Smolensk City Council – Director of the Smolensk branch of the Academy of Law and Management Igor Polupanov;

- Pena City Duma – Vladimir Sheludko;

- Chelyabinsky City Duma – Sergei Kolesnik;

- Miass City Council (Chelyabinsk region) – Ivan Kulikov, Alexandra Starostenko and Irina Kutyukhina;

- Zlatoust City Duma (Chelyabinsk region) – Tatyana Vakiy;

- Novovoronezh City Council – Svetlana Poznarikhina;

- Minusinsk City Council (Kransnoyarsk District) – two persons.

The following people became deputies, with Yabloko support of:

- the Legisaltive Assembly of Chelyabinsk Region – Igor Voinov;

- Chelyabinsk City Duma – Alexandr Kretov and Boris Vidgoff.

The following people reached the second round of the elections:

- V. Khalyavko (Yabloko) – for the elections to the district council of Bolshoi Kamen city (Maritime Territory);

- Brusilovkiy (Yabloko) – for the elections to the city council of Zhelenogorsk (Krasnoyarsk District).

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