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Sochi Mayor menaces YABLOKOТs activist

Press Release
January 24 2011

The Sochi Administration puts pressure on YABLOKOТs activist and environmentalist Suren Gazaryan who downloaded a video from the meeting of Sochi Mayor Anatoli Pakhomov with the residents of the Akhshtyr village (the village has been facing environmental problems due to the construction of the Adler Ц Krasnaya Polyana highway for the Olympic Games). The administration demands from Gazaryan to delete the video and threatens that in case of disobeying he will have problems.

On January 21 Sochi Mayor Anatoli Pakhomov and Director of the Sochi branch of the Russian Rails Eugeny Solntsev came to Akhshtyr so that to discuss the problem of disappearance of water from the wells due to construction of the Adler Ц Krasnaya Polyana highway. The residents of the village have been living without water for over a year already.

The visit of the top regional officials took place only after the activists from YABLOKO and the Environmental Watch on North Caucasus had raised this issue before the mission of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Mr. Theodore Oben during consultations of UN experts with the population.

Having arrived to the meeting Anatoli Pakhomov refused to begin a dialogue with the local residents in the presence of the Environmental Watch activists. He snatched a photo camera from Suren Gazaryan and gave it to his security.

Another activists of the Environmental Watch managed to record the discussion between Gazaryan and the Mayor. The officials demand to delete this video from the YouTube menacing with problems.

Gazaryan was returned his photo camera only after the Mayor left the village. The police called by PakhomovТs security refused to interfere.

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Press Release
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