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Relationships between Russia and Georgia

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Relationships between Russia and Georgia

Speech of the First Deputy head of the YABLOKO faction of the State Duma Sergei Ivanenko during discussion of the resolution on Georgia
September 13, 2002

We consider that President Putin's political declaration, who warned the Georgian leadership on the seriousness of the situation, is acceptable. We think that the essence of this declaration is to invite President of Georgia Eduard Shevarnadze to take part in negotiations to be held in Kishinau at the beginning of October.


A Coming Out Party at Davos
By Lynn Berry, The Moscow Times, January 23, 2004

Later, when asked to speak again to the whole group, Saakashvili borrowed a sound bite first spoken by his Russian dinner partner: "He [Shevardnadze] needed Russia as an enemy, I need Russia as a friend."


Deputy Speaker of the Duma advises Georgia not to pursue pro-US policy
ITAR-TASS, December 4, 2003

"The situation that has developed in Georgia is such that only Russia can provide active assistance in uniting the country," stressed Lukin.


Grigory Yavlinsky "To the Summit of the CIS Heads: Russia and Georgia"
Interfax, October 7, 2002

Moscow, 24 April: The leader of the Russian liberal party Yabloko, Grigoriy Yavlinsky, According to information agencies, there are grounds for thinking that during his meeting with Edward Shevardnadze, President Putin has found the right solutions to Russian-Georgian relations and transferred the issue from the area of state conflict to the area of cooperation between the law-enforcement agencies of both countries.


Yavlisnky's Credo: Against Corruption in the Union of Right-Wing Forces and for Putin
Interview with Grigory Yavlinsky, leader of the Yabloko party
Nezavisimaya Gazeta, by Maxim Glikin, October 11, 2002

"Question: Perhaps RAO UES executives are deliberately "driving down" the company's share price, so that it will be easier to buy it up?

Yavlinsky: If they deliberately set out to devalue RAO UES by USD6 billion over two years, the executives of this state-owned company ought to be sent to... You know where. Immediately. That qualifies as misappropriation of state property."


Russian liberal calls for change of tack on Georgia, firm policy on Iraq
Ekho Moskvy radio station, October 2, 2002

Interview with Alexey Arbatov
The deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Defence, the liberal Yabloko deputy, AlexeiArbatov, has criticized Russia's policy on Georgia, which, he says, is driving it into the arms of NATO and the West. In an interview with Russian Ekho Moskvy radio, Arbatov also diverged from the Russian government's line on Iraq. He said he supported a new UN resolution against Baghdad, although he would not endorse a US attack on Iraq which was not thoroughly justified. The following is an excerpt from the interview broadcast live on Ekho Moskvy radio on 2 October.


This Could Prove a Costly Escapade
The Moscow Times, September 23, 2002.
By Grigory Yavlinsky

Russian military strikes against Georgia are inadmissible. The questionable gains of a military operation are completely outweighed by the political damage that Russia would incur both at home and internationally if it spreads the war in Chechnya to the neighboring independent state of Georgia. For 200 years we lived together in a single state, including 70 years under the Soviet regime. The consequences of such a move would be destructive for both nations.