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The All-Russia Democratic Assembly

Memorandum on Mutual Understanding
adopted at the first meeting

Moscow, June 19, 2001

We, the participants of the All-Russia Democratic Assembly, sharing the principles of strict observation of the rights and legal interests of all the citizens of the country, as well as the priority of the rights of an individual over the rights of the state, consolidation of civil society and development of democratic institutions in the country, believe in the expedience ofš founding the All-Russia permanent Democratic Assembly to exchange opinions on the key issues of our country’s development.

During the exchange of opinions we shall strive to achieve constructive dialogue and minimise discrepancies.

We agreed on the following list of the most important problems that may be discussed by the Democratic Assembly in the near future:

1. Self-organisation of civil and democratic forces in the country.

2. Preservation of the democratic foundations of the constitutional
order envisaged in Chapters 1, 2 and 9 of the
Constitution of the RF.

3. Freedom and independence of the central and regional mass media.

4. Judicial reform (trial by jury, arrest byš court decision,
barrister’s help from the moment of arrest, etc.).

5. End to the war in Chechnya and political regulation of the conflict.

6. Military reform and the transition to a professional army.

7. Land reform.

8. Ecological security.

9. Development of power structures in Russia (local government, regional
authorities, political parties, etc).

10. Labour relations and labour legislation.

11. Social policies and demography.

Further to the development of the procedures of our interaction, we will strive to broaden the range of participants and the range of problems discussed.

We think that rapprochement of points of view on the acute problems will enable us to adopt general decisions and perform coordinated actions.

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Moscow, June 19, 2001

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