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The All-Russia Democratic Assembly


Moscow, June 19, 2001

The All-Russia Democratic Assembly unanimously expresses its deepest concern over the situation with the residents of the Chechen republic who had to leave its territory.

The All-Russia Democratic Assembly considers the forced return of the refugees to the Chechen Republic categorically inadmissible, as at present none of Chechnya can be considered safe and calls for a halt to the pressure on refugees to make them return.

It is the clear duty of the government to provide refugee camps with everything required by people to live there.

The state should also undertake to provide targeted assistance, which would enable the citizens forced to leave the Chechen Republic to independently resolve the problem of a safe settlement in our country.

“Forward, Russia” movement (leader Boris Fyodorov, Bella Denisenko,
Alexei Khodzhayev),

“Choice of Russia” movement (Vladimir Anikanov, Alexei Kashirin,
Kamilla Sidtikova),

“Democratic Russia” movement (Lev Ponomaryov, Oleg Mustafin, Gleb

Democratic Union (Valeria Novodvorskaya, Kirill Kasatkin),

Union in defence of human rights “The Initiative Group “Common
Action” (Sergei Kovalyov, Valeri Borschyov, Lev

Confederation of the Unions for the Protection of Consumer Rights
(Alexander Auzan, Svetlana Zavidova, Dmitri

the Coordination Council of Refugees and Forced Migrants (Lidia
Grafova, Tatyana Braginskaya),

The Farmers’ Party of Russia (Yuri Chernichenko, Dmitri Valigursky)

The Liberal Russia movement (Sergei Yushenkov, Vladimir Golovlyov,
Yuli Nisnevich),

“Memorial” (Oleg Orlov, Svetlana Gannushkina, Yan Rachinsky),

Party of Economic Freedom (Konstantin Borovoi, Leonid Shpigel),

Public organisation “The Right to Life and Civil Dignity” (Viktor
Kogan-Yasny, Nikolai Ulanov, Oleg Chirikov),

The Republican Party of the Russian Federation (Boris Dulnev,
Anatoli Kuznetsov),

The Russian Joint Social Democratic Party (Mikhail Gorbachev, Olga
Zdravomyslova, Mikhail Kuznetsov),

The Russian Party of Social Democracy (Alexander Yakovlev, Dmitri
Vovchuk, Oleg Gartsev, Elena

The Russian Human Rights Research Centre (Ida Kuklina),

Free Democrats of Russia (Irina Zubkevich, Leonid Khokhlov, Vladimir

The Social and Ecological Union (Svaytoslav Zabelin),

The Journalists’ Union of Russia (Igor Yakovenko, Alexander Kopeika,
Mikhail Melnikov),

The Union of Right-Wing Forces (Boris Nemtsov, Irina Khakamada),

The Glasnost Protection Fund (Alexei Simonov, Ruslan Gorevoi),

The Yabloko association (Grigory Yavlinsky, Vladimir Lukin, Alexei

Individual participants: Yuri Afanasyev, Leonid Batkin, Yuri Ryzhov.

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Moscow, June 19, 2001

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