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Regional Elections 2004

Press releases


Press releases

Statement of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO "On Arbitrary Rule during The Election Campaign in Sverdlovsk Region"
Press release, February 5, 2004

YABLOKO thinks that the Sverdolovsk Electoral Commission deliberately dragged out the registration of the plenipotentiary on financial issues from parties and blocs to make the registration of our bloc and other competitors of the present authorities impossible.


Yuri Kuznetsov, YABLOKO: the Electoral Commission of Sverdlovsk Region ousts the opponents of the present authorities from the election campaign to the regional duma
Press release, February 02, 2004

The registration of candidates to the regional Duma from the opposition is being administratively blocked in Sverdlovsk Region.


Pro-Kremlin party wins elections in Chita, liberals are disaster
ITAR-TASS, October 25, 2004
The Chita region elected the legislature in single-mandate districts and by party lists for the first time ever. More than 90 candidates competed for 21 mandates in single-mandate districts, and five parties – the United Russia, the Communist Party, the Liberal Democratic Party, Yabloko and the Agrarian Party – competed for another 21 mandates.


Mayor, Businessman Withdraw from Vladivostok Race Reports
MosNews, July 14, 2004

If the reports are true, under the circumstances it may turn out that there will be no candidates in second round of mayor elections scheduled for July 18. Or, if they are not, Kopylov will be the only candidate.


Democracy Is the Loser in Primorye
By Nikolai Petrov, The Moscow Times, July 12, 2004

The current mayoral election in Vladivostok, which will be decided in a runoff later this month, is just the latest skirmish in an ongoing battle for power in the region. Three candidates contested the first round on July 4: incumbent Yury Kopylov, a representative of the old regime who placed third and will not take part in the runoff; Vladimir Nikolayev, a businessman and deputy in the Primorye legislative assembly; and State Duma Deputy Viktor Cherepkov, a former Navy captain who served as mayor from 1993 to 1998.


On the criminalization of the elections in Vladivostok
The Russian Democratic Party "YABLOKO", Statement, July 10, 2004

The election campaign in Vladivostok has assumed overtly criminal overtones. The administrative resource is openly used to benefit the candidate from the party of power; the electoral commissions and courts have closed their eyes to the most impudent violations of the law on behalf of this candidate. At the same time other candidates have no access to the media and are subject to unprecedented pressure.


On the attempt of derangement of the elections in the Shatura District, Moscow region
The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO, Bureau of the Federal Council, Statement, April 16, 2004

The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO expresses its categorical protest against canceling the elections of the head of the administration of Shatura District, Moscow region.


Siberian Court Rejects Vote Complaint
The Moscow Times, April 15, 2004

A Krasnoyarsk court Tuesday rejected a complaint from the liberal Yabloko party to invalidate the result of the Duma vote in three Krasnoyarsk single-mandate districts.


Few Municipalities Draw Enough Votes
St Peterburg Times, March 23, 2004
By Vladimir Kovalev
St. Petersburg voters elected only 30 of 63 municipal councils in March 14 elections, and just 18 councils have a full complement of members. In 92 St. Petersburg districts extra elections are to be held in the next 8 months, the Union of Democratic Forces SPS and Yabloko reported Friday.


Liberal Party Reports Violations in Local Parliamentary Elections
Mosnews.com, March 12, 2004

Deputy Chairman of the liberal YABLOKO party Sergei Mitrokhin announced that early voting in local parliamentary elections in Krasnoyarsk Region was subjected to violations of the electoral law, Interfax news agency reported Friday.


Sergei Ivanenko: The economic and political course of the government will be determined by the President. And YABLOKO shall create a democratic coalition.
IA Marketing i Consulting, March 2, 2004

It is obvious that President Putin has formed a technical Cabinet, which will be even more technical than Mikhail Kasyanov s Cabinet.


"This may be called a boycott"
By Anastasiya Matveyeva, Gazeta, February 25, 2004

...We proceed from the premise that people see the growing lack of freedom in the country, lack of equality of participants in pseudo-democratic elections, the bankruptcy and even comic nature of the candidacies.


The Right-Wing Struck Down by the Sverdlovsk Election Commttee
RIA "OREANDA", February 10, 2004

The bloc came into conflict with the Sverdlovsk regional election committee which made it impossible for the right-wing party to participate in the elections to the local legislative assembly through the protracted registration of the political union "SPS and Yabloko".

Press releases


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