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Address to the President of the RF Vladimir Putin on the energy crisis in Maritime Territory and other regions of the Russian Federation

The Yabloko Association

The Bureau of the Central Council of the Yabloko Association

November 28, 2000

Respected Vladimir Vladimirovich,

The Bureau of the Central Council of the Yabloko Association notes that the Government of the Russian Federation has expeditiously reacted to the proposal of the Yabloko faction of November 22, 2000 on budget loans to resolve the energy crisis in Maritime Territory. However, it remain unclear how well protected these funds will be from improper use. At the same time to date the Government has adopted no actions to prevent such situations in future. The critical situation with preparations for the heating season has recurred annually and constantly deteriorates. This is attributable primarily to the poor quality of the state and local government in the regions and also the lack of federal control over the provision by the regional and local authorities of the vitally important needs of the population. This explains the unpreparedness of the networks, insufficient reserves of fuel oil and coal of the municipal heating stations, the extremely high accumulated debt of energy suppliers and the lack of requisite financial resources.

At state level the problem of the compliance of the qualifications of federal, regional and local management with the requirements of their posts, as well as the proper use of the funds of the regional and local budget, has not been raised.

This year the energy crisis has manifested itself in the most acute form in Maritime Territory. It is clear to us all that the administration of the Territory is unable to govern this strategically important region of Russia. Hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens have become hostages to this failure.

To avert such crises in Maritime Territory and other zones facing high energy risks, we propose introducing federal controls over the organisation of preparatory measures for the heating season. Federal controls imply: 1) the establishment within the RF Audit Chamber of an energy control commission, including the participation of representatives of the President in the regions, the Control and Auditing Department of the Presidential Administration, the Finance Ministry and the financial treasury; 2) the development and introduction of a mandatory order on preparatory

measures for the heating season in the regions at high risk of an energy

crisis, including regular reports of the heads of regions and the RAO “Single Energy System” and permanent monitoring of the situation (including that in the regions); 3) the signing of contracts on financing fuel purchases for regions at high risks of energy crises solely through the federal treasury; 4) audits by the Audit Chamber of the RF of proper use of the funds of local and regional budgets in all the regions-recipients of federal budget funds; 5) expeditious sanctions against officials who violate the order of preparatory measures for the organisation of the heating season.

The Yabloko Association considers it necessary to normalise the situation with energy supplies for Russian citizens. Here it is essential to prescribe local solutions for the current problems with the organisation of heating supplies, but also to prevent such energy crises in future. The Bureau of the Central Council of the Yabloko Association hereby proposes that you immediately start implementing the aforementioned measures and is ready to provide its highly qualified experts for the government to achieve these goals.

Grigory Yavlinsky Chairman of the Yabloko Association

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