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To a 10 year anniversary of the "500 Days" Programme
"500 Days" Programme (1990)

Authors of the program

Stanislav Sergeevich Shatalin (see also: The International fund of economic and social reforms. Fund " Reform")


Nikolay Yakovlevich Petrakov (see also: N.Petrakov, Monetary stabilization in Russia: what it is necessary to do? From the collection "Currency reform in the postcommunistic countries", March 06, 1992)


Grigory Alekseevich Yavlinsky (see also: personal server www.yavlinsky.ru)


Sergey Vladimirovich Aleksashenko (see also:The Centre of development)


Andrey Petrovich Vavilov (see also: the Press-Release "Yavlinsky can not recollect any positive results of cooperation with Vavilov by development of the program "500 days"- November, 3, 1998; interview with A.Vavilov on the "Echo Moskvy" radio station, May 29, 2000


Leonid Markovich Grigoriev (see also: The Bureau of the economic analysis; Dangerous communications. The American press continues to expose the Russian corruption., October 26, 1999


Michael Mihajlovich Zadornov


Vladlen Arkadievich Martynov - the academician, director IMEMO of the Russian Academy of Science


Vladimir Mashchits - (see also: Interstate Bank)


Alexei Yu. Mikhailov

Boris G. Fyodorov

Tatyana V. Yarygina (see also: Civil Society Academy)


Eugeny Gr. Yasin (see also: The State university - the higher School of economy; Expert institute)

To a 10 year anniversary of the "500 Days" Programme

A Modern Assessment of the “500-Days Programme”

A.G.Sushkevich, expert of the Apparat of the Yabloko faction.

August 10, 2000