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Dmitry Medvedev's statement on political reform made under the pressure of mass protests turn out a simulation and even a mockery

Statement by the YABLOKO Bureau

May 25, 2012

This is most clearly demonstrated by hasty appointments of governors in a large number of regions. The "filters" built-in into the nomination of governors made it virtually impossible to nominate candidates from the opposition. In addition to the presidential recommendations, there were adopted extremely tough requirements to collection of signatures from municipal deputies in support of [nominated] candidates. A formally possible nomination of alternative candidates at a time when the vast majority of municipal deputies are representatives of the ruling party or its affiliated groups in reality results in the creation of an insurmountable barrier for the opposition or independent candidates in entering the election race.

A number of regional legislative assemblies where the positions of the United Russia are particularly unstable hastily pass laws fixing the most stringent of the proposed regulatory frameworks for the candidates from other parties.

The Bureau of the Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO demands from the State Duma to revise the rules limiting participation [of non-United Russia candidates] in gubernatorial elections and respect the constitutional guarantees of a passive suffrage.

The Bureau of the Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO demands from regional legislative assemblies not to adopt laws envisaging toughening or imposing restrictions on the norms for gubernatorial elections.

It is obvious that only the candidates recommended by the federal authorities will be able to participate in the gubernatorial elections. This imitation of gubernatorial elections does not differs much from appointment of the governors by the President.

This law along with the new laws on political parties and parliamentary elections artificially increases the confrontation between the government and the society against the backdrop of toughening the responsibility of citizens for protest actions.

Inability to participate in elections and legitimate forms of protest encourages citizens to use subversive strategies, illegal radical forms of protest with violence.

These actions of the government are threatening the future of the country and provoke violent protests.

Sergei Mitrokhin,


- [The parliament of] the Novgorod region has already passed in the first reading the law "On elections of the Governor of the Novgorod region". The draft law envisages the following requirements for nomination of candidates for a governor post:

- signatures of deputies from representative bodies of municipalities and (or) elected in the municipal elections of heads of municipalities in the territory of the region. The number of such signatures should amount to 10 per cent of the total number of deputies;

- the number of signatures of such members and (or) heads of municipalities should be 10 per cent of the total number of the deputies of representative bodies of municipalities and urban districts;

- a candidate must be supported by the deputies of representative bodies of municipalities, municipal districts, and (or) heads of municipal districts or urban districts elected in the municipal elections in at least three-quarters of municipalities and urban districts;

- a deputy by supplying his/her personal data can support only one candidate, whereas his signature must be notarized which is reflected in a list published by a regional electoral commission;

- an electoral commission verifies all the signatures in support of the candidate.

In the Amur Region, the United Russia party intends to adopt a norm envisaging that 7.5 per cent of municipal deputies signatures are required for nomination of candidates for the governor post.

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May 25, 2012

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