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The action was held in Moscow under the slogan "Duma, adopt YABLOKO's laws!"

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Over 150 activists from the YABLOKO party took part in a meeting by the central entrance to the State Duma on Friday, November 28, 2003. The action was held under the slogan "Duma, adopt YABLOKO's laws!" and was timed to coincide with the last day of work of the State Duma of the third convocation.

At 9.30 a.m. over 80 YABLOKO activists began their march along Tverskaya street to the State Duma building. They were joined in their march by other columns of YABLOKO activists holding placards "Duma, adopt YABLOKO's laws!", "Russia needs YABLOKO's laws!" and "Deputies, don’t fool around on your last day of work!" The participants of the meeting held flags with YABLOKO's symbols on them and were wearing overalls bearing the name of the party.

"Today is the last day of work of the State Duma, said leader of the Moscow Youth YABLOKO organisation Ilya Yashin. - The present Duma did not protect the interests of the citizens of Russia. Instead it defended the narrow interests of monopolists and oligarchs. This is a grey bureaucratic Duma which we don't need!"

Deputy Chairman of the YABLOKO party, deputy of the State Duma Sergei Mitrokhin, said "During the past four years of work the lower chamber of the Russian parliament adopted a number of laws that adversely affected the lives of most Russian citizens. The present Duma approved the importing of nuclear waste into Russia, infinite tariff increases for utilities, the destruction of national parks under building of houses and the privatization of power stations in the interests of a narrow group of individuals headed by Chubais."

Mitrokhin noted: "Even on its last day of work the State Duma was loyal to its. Several important socially-focused draft laws and resolutions proposed by YABLOKO (including the law "On the Status of Participants in Military Operations and Armed Conflicts" and a resolution calling for the government to abolish the introduction of 100% payment of housing and utilities services) were removed from the agenda."

Answering questions from journalists, Mitrokhin focused on "the excess use of administrative resource" in favour of the "United Russia" party and its "improper propaganda, rejection of radio and television debates and refusal to be liable for the laws adopted by the party." "I think they are relying on the falsification of the elections," noted a YABLOKO leader.

According to Mitrokhin, "authoritarian trends have been increasing in Russia." "At present Russia is not a law-governed state," said Mitrokhin.

The action which continued for half an hour was finished with loud cries of "We need a new Duma!" and one of the slogans of YABLOKO's election campaign "Russia will win over the devastation!"

After the end of the action the local militia department detained two participants of the action, including Ilya Yashin. The militia attributed their actions to the following reasons: the meeting had not been sanctioned by the Moscow authorities.

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