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MosNews, August 18, 2004

Liberals Against Naming Moscow Street After Chechen President

Russian democratic party YABLOKO protested against the decision by the Moscow authorities to name a street after the assassinated Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov. In a statement made on Wednesday and obtained by MosNews, the party's branch in Moscow called this activity "groundless and hasty".

The democrats stress that Kadyrov's role is not straight-forward in the view of Russian citizens. "During the first Chechen war, Akhmad Kadyrov led one of the illegal armed groups and waged war against Russian troops. When Dzhokhar Dudayev [the first Chechen rebel leader] appointed him the supreme mufti of Chechnya, Kadyrov declared a jihad on Russia.

Kadyrov held responsibility not only for killing Russian soldiers but also for the blood and suffering of Chechen citizens," the statement says.

YABLOKO recalled that this decision violated Moscow law which states that a street can bear the name of a public figure no earlier than ten years after his or her death. This fact was also mentioned by Commersant newspaper on Wednesday. However, it wrote that the Moscow authorities called this case special and made reference to President Vladimir Putin's decree.

The party promised to go to court and ask for a local referendum in the Moscow suburb region of South Butovo if the street bears Kadyrov's name. YABLOKO also intends to hold a rally protesting against this "outrageous" decision.


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MosNews, August 18, 2004

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