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The Moscow Times, March 12, 2004

Paper: Tallies Get Changed

The Moscow Times

The Central Elections Commission has acknowledged that changes get made to vote tallies after observers leave polling stations, Novaya Gazeta reported Thursday.

The newspaper used the commission's response to Communist Party allegations that votes were falsified during December's parliamentary elections to suggest what techniques could be used to manipulate the results of Sunday's presidential election.

Three months ago, the Communists submitted a complaint accusing the Central Elections Commission of certifying falsified results, saying their vote tally from the notarized protocols gathered by party observers at polling stations did not square with the declared results. Similar complaints were raised by Yabloko and the Union of Right Forces, but all the complaints were dismissed.

Protocols show the vote counts registered at any given voting station, and observers and election staffers are supposed to be given identical signed and stamped copies.

The commission, however, told the Communists that they had the wrong protocols -- an impossibility if observers and election staffers got identical signed and stamped copies, Novaya Gazeta said.

The newspaper interpreted this as proof that elections officials at certain stations signed and stamped a falsified set of results after the observers had gone home.

Meanwhile, the liberal Yabloko party on Wednesday filed lawsuits demanding that the parliamentary election results be voided in 170 of the 225 single-mandate districts.

It said it filed the 78 lawsuits after comparing14,065 protocols that its observers received to the ones received by local election committees and finding that the numbers did not match.


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The Moscow Times, March 12, 2004

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