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gazeta.ru, January 28

State Duma prefers misers

By Aliya Samigullina

Photo: 1 channalThe Central Electoral Commission and the Bank of Russia have released the financial results of the State Duma elections. It turned out that the SPS, which failed to make it into the Duma, spent the most on its electoral campaign. The liberals invested most in TV and press commercials and United Russia in collecting signatures, while the Liberal Democrats saved almost 14 roubles for the State budget.

On January 26 the Central Electoral Commission of Russia published the final financial reports of the parties that participated in the State Duma polls. The report reads that the overwhelming winner – United Russia - spent most of its funds on collecting signatures, the SPS bought expensive TV air time and the Liberal Democratic Party chose to save money by not holding any rallies and publishing very little in the press.

United Russia's spending was considerable - their campaign cost 226, 885, 262 roubles, but here the winners were outstripped by the SPS who spent 227,731,000 roubles.

Not that the pro-Kremlin bloc was short of money - at the beginning of the State Duma electoral campaign they had almost 252 million on their accounts, but after some minor violations were found they returned 24.5 million roubles to their sponsors. The rightists spent everything they had and still fared poorly.

Yabloko, another democratic party that failed to make it to the lower house, spent 162 million roubles. The Motherland bloc spent all their 159 million roubles. The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia spent 139.5 million roubles and the Communist Party spent just 76 million roubles.

United Russia spent most on collecting signatures, a procedure every party had to carry out to prove their public support and to allow them to campaign as a political bloc. As a result, United Russia paid about 1.8 million roubles for the organization and carrying out the campaign to prove their support.

The other parties mostly used the work of their own activists for this task. The closest to the 'bears' (the nickname and emblem of United Russia) were the Communists with a really small sum of 279,000 roubles. Yabloko acted in an unusually honest way and spent just 10,000 roubles for the organisation of the process while paying 20 times more to the collectors themselves. In other parties the situation was the opposite. The SPS was the most ‘efficient’ of all the political movements, spending about 7,500 roubles to organise the process and paying nothing to the collectors.

Advertising took up the largest part in all the parties' budgets. United Russia (which appeared in numerous TV programs during the pre-election period, especially on the State-run channels) spent 95 million roubles on TV commercials – a hefty sum if compared to the Communists’ 26 million or Yabloko’s 35 million.

But the advertising budget of the Union of Right-Wing Forces, with their famous clip featuring co-chairpersons Nemtsov, Chubais and Khakamada flying in a private jet, was the most expensive, topping 117 million roubles. Liberal Democrat Vladimir Zhirinovsky paid 111 million for his televised addresses in which he promised to imprison virtually everyone.

It must be noted that judging from the accounting documents, the Liberal Democrats’ was an unorthodox campaign. The party spent only 314.5 million on adverts in the paper press (compared to 11.5 million spent by United Russia; 9.5 million by the Communists, and about 7 million by each of the liberal blocs). And the party spent nothing on public rallies and addresses while the others spent from 471,000 (Yabloko) to over 6.5 million (United Russia). The Liberal Democrats spent no money at all on information and consulting services. After the campaign was over, they even had some money remaining on their account - 13 roubles 57 kopeks, which, by law, will be transferred to the State Budget. The other parties spent all of their funds.


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gazeta.ru, January 28

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