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www.yavlinsky.ru, September 6, 2004

After the tragedy in Beslan

By Grigory Yavlinsky
The recent spate of terrorist acts are without a doubt connected to the conflict in Chechnya. Over the past 10 years the politics conducted there have generated an enormous number of poor people. The republic is marked by vast unemployment, an extremely harsh social and economic situation and an exorbitant level of corruption in the law and enforcement agencies in this region. An insignificant number of people support the federal authorities.

The authorities should take three steps, which can be broken down into three areas. Economic: the people must have normal jobs, incomes and living conditions. Military: the local habitants should be able to trust the actions carried out to capture the bandits. We must put a stop to the disappearance of people and unfounded arrests, etc. Political: it is necessary to involve as many Chechens as possible in the discussion of developments in Chechnya. In other words: we must not stake on any clan or group or create one artificially. With the exception of murderers and criminals carrying out terrorist acts which are totally unjustified. Elements of a parliament in Chechnya could represent the first step towards a political settlement. But the opposite effect will be achieved if the elections are again transformed into a farce.

However, any decision to link the reasons for the tragedy only to international terrorist acts implies de facto a refusal to try and seek solutions to this problem.


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www.yavlinsky.ru, September 6, 2004

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