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Novaya Gazeta, February 20, 2003

Opponents to war should realize that their protest is fruitless without an alternative. Peaceful means of changing the Baghdad' s policy or a change in the Iraqi regime.

The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO thinks that the Iraqi crisis can be resolved by stationing on Iraq’s borders a powerful international contingent of military forces to control the situation during the transitional period and ready to carry out immediate acts of force in the event of a corresponding political decision, as well as activisation and expansion of the scope of work of the UN inspectors. Only the presence of a military contingent can make the work of the UN inspectors really efficient and can lead to changes, limited but very important changes, and will demonstrate to Saddam Hussein that he can no longer play with contradictions inside the international community.

A real threat of an immediate act of force and demonstration of the unity of the international community is a efficient way of controlling the Baghdad regime and avoiding war. The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO thinks it reasonable to immediately convoke, preferably in Moscow, a "Twenty" Russia - NATO summit meeting to strengthen the international anti-terror coalition and develop a joint plan of action to resolve the problem of Iraq's disarmament.

Such a plan of action fully complies with the spirit and letter of the UN and the Security Council decisions on Iraq."

(From the statement of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO, from February

14, 2003).

The Results of the World Anti-War Action on February 15, 2003.


London - 1 mln people (2.5 mln according to organiser data)

Minsk – 200,000-250,000

Brussels – 250,000-300,000

Berlin 500,000

Munich – 20,000

Belfast – 10,000

Rome - 1 mln

Helsinki – 15,000

Paris – 500,000

Glasgow – 15,000


New York – 100,000

San Francisco – 150,000

Hollywood – 100,000


Republic of South Africa– 5,000


Tel-Aviv – 3,000 (Arabs + Jews)

Seoul - several thousand

Kuala-Lumpur (Malaysia) - several thousand

Bangkok – 200,000

Cambodia - 2,000

Tokyo – 5,000

Australia and Oceania

Sydney – 250,000

Wellington (New Zealand) – 10,000

Moscow - 500 people (200 near the Boulevard Ring road and 300 communists near the US Embassy)


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Novaya Gazeta, February 20, 2003

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