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Vremya MN, June 11, 2003

Campaign Against the "Russian White House" Begins

Interview with Grigory Yavlinsky by Dmitry Chernov

The issue of a no-confidence motion will be considered by the lower chamber of the Russian parliament on June 18, 2003.

This decision was adopted yesterday by the Council of the State Duma after the leaders of the factions discussed the YABLOKO's and CPRF's initiative of a vote of no-confidence in the Cabinet signed by 103 deputies against the required 90 votes.

The goal of this tactical alliance is definite: the present Cabinet should be dismissed. According to YABLOKO's leader Grigory Yavlinsky, the incapacity of the present Cabinet can lead to destabilization of the situation in the country already this autumn.

Question: Grigory Alexeevich, what are the real reasons for your joint alliance with the CPRF campaign against the Russian 'White House'?

Yavlinsky: The present socio-economic policies of the Cabinet are prone to undermine the country's independent development prospects in the long-run. YABLOKO has serious claims against the government's performance, constantly emerging conflicts within the Cabinet, as well as the immature approach of the government to work with deputies of the State Duma, when representatives of the Cabinet only visit centrist factions of the Duma.

Question: Do you think this is necessary on the threshold of the election to speak about replacing the Cabinet?

Yavlinsky: I can say that signs have emerged that the government has begun considering itself as a provisional Cabinet which will soon leave the Russian "White House". They are already packing their suitcases, and it is easy to guess what they are putting inside them.

Question: How do you think the centrist factions will vote on June 18?

Yavlinsky: The decision on the destiny of the Cabinet regarding the votes of the Duma deputies depends on the President's decision on this issue. If the President orders the centrist factions to vote for the no-confidence vote in the Cabinet, the Cabinet will face a real no-confidence vote - these factions will not vote independently. Judging by the results of the voting we shall see the attitude of the centrist factions to their own words and statements about the Cabinet. For a long time we have had an absurd situation where United Russia considered it proper to constantly criticise the Cabinet, via its leaders, members of the Cabinet, inclusive.

Question: Today Prime Minister Kasyanov will make a speech in the Duma about the socio-economic policies of the Cabinet in 2003 - 2004. Maybe something will change subsequently: for example, this will mean that the vote of no-confidence will be removed from the Duma's agenda?

Yavlinsky: Kasyanov's visit to the Duma to discuss social policy issues would have been impossible without the proposed no-confidence vote in the Cabinet. Everybody knows that social policy is based first of all on economic policy. Government proposals on the economic policy for next year are clear to us in general, as their proposals on the budget for 2004 have been submitted to the Duma. Whatever the Cabinet promises us now, this would not correspond to the real situation, as the economic base the Cabinet is going to reflect in the budget for the coming year is such that many of their promises have already turned into mere words today.


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Vremya MN, June 11, 2003

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