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Rosbalt, September 23, 2003

Russian Universities Included in Common European System of Higher Education

MOSCOW, September 23. Russia has joined the Bologna convention. As a Rosbalt correspondent reports, this was announced by the Russian Education Ministry yesterday. The corresponding agreement was signed by Russian Education Minister Vladimir Filippov at a conference of European education ministers in Berlin.

This means that Russian universities will now be included in a common European system of higher education and Russia has accepted responsibility for helping to create this system. Six other countries signed the convention in Berlin. Now 40 countries are part of the convention. These include almost all Western European countries, Turkey, Malta, Cyprus, all the Baltic States and Russia.

By 2010 it is hoped that there will be a single European system of higher education where degrees and certificates will be recognised across the continent and common standards for higher education will be reached in all countries. Students will therefore be evaluated on a common European standard of learning and graduates will receive internationally recognised qualifications.

Russia must now try to emulate the European system of higher education in terms of quality and organisation so that its national higher education system corresponds to common European standards by 2010. In effect, Russia will have to introduce two standards of higher education in its universities – a baccalaureate and masters degrees. It will also have to introduce a university curriculum that corresponds to the one taught in Europe. A similar marking system will also have to be introduced.


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Rosbalt, September 23, 2003

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