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Interfax, May 30, 2003

May's Poll by VTsIOM

Moscow. May 30. Interfax. If the elections to the State Duma were held this Sunday, the CPRF would be ahead of United Russia: these parties would get 28% and 30% respectively.

Such data were submitted to Interfax by the All-Russia Centre for Public Opinion Study (VTsIOM) on Wednesday on the results of the poll conducted on May 23-26, 2003, among 1,600 Russian citizens.

According to VTsIOM, in April the gap between the CPRF and the United Russia was even bigger - 28% and 21% respectively of the electorate were going to vote for these parties.

In May 2003 the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (Zhyrinovsky's LDPR) maintained third place - 10% (against 7% in April), YABLOKO - 8% (6%) and the Union of Right-Wing Forces (SPS) - 5% (6%).

All other parties and movements would not be able to overcome the five percent barrier to the State Duma.

Over half of all Russian citizens (54%) would be ready to participate in the voting if the election was held on Sunday. A little over a quarter of the respondents (27%) will not vote and the remaining potential voters (17%) have not decided whether they to take part in the voting.

According to social scientists, no significant changes have been observed in the party preferences of Russian citizens since the previous poll, and fluctuations in these electoral preferences (as was the case in previous polls) have been within the margin of error for such polls.

Only the answers respondents who were going to vote and have already made their choice as regards their party or movement were taken into account.


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Interfax, May 30, 2003

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