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The YABLOKO Party, Environmenalists and Human Rights Campaigners Hold Meetings against the import of nuclear waste into Russia

April 27, 2002

Moscow. About 300 people took part in the meeting against the import of spent fuel into Russia. The meeting was held in the centre of Moscow on Kaluga square on the evening of April 26, on the 16th anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl NPP. The meeting was organized by the Russian Democratic Party Yabloko with the support of environmental and human rights organizations as part of an All-Russian action that was held in over 50 regions.

According to the press service of Yabloko, initially a meeting was to be held near the building of the Nuclear Ministry: however, the prefecture of the Central administrative district of Moscow prohibited the meeting.

The party and environmental organization activists held the flags of Yabloko, posters, distributed agitation posters, labelled "No to import of nuclear waste", leaflets.

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman of the Russian Democratic Party Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky called on everybody to "look into the eyes of the Chernobyl residents and understand the difference between this glance and that of the satisfied, calm officials, who know that the waste will remain for us, our children and grandchildren, and the money will pass to them".

"The waste is being import to be left here forever, and today we have new evidence that demonstrates that this is the goal of the Nuclear Ministry," added Deputy Chairman of Yabloko, State Duma deputy Sergei Mitrokhin. "Today the protest swept over the country: from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad". "We shall actively work with the president to persuade him that he is not right. We shall work with the State Duma, however, difficult this may be. And in this struggle we count on you and your desire to take your future into your own hands and prevent national shame for Russia,", stress Mitrokhin.

"We are the only country that is being turned into a nuclear waste dump," noted Deputy Chairman of the Yabloko Party and State Duma deputy Igor Artemyev. "But fortunately we have citizens who do not want this to happen" and are ready to do all they can to "prevent such disasters as Chernobyl, prevent the appearance of corrupt officials and implementation of the nuclear waste project," he added.

"We demand that the authorities carry out the people's will and stop bringing in nuclear waste. We demand that the experiments on Russians should stop," declared chairman of the Committee for Civic Control of the Yabloko Party Valery Borshev.

The following individuals also spoke at the meeting: chairman of the Moscow Helsinki group, President of the International Helsinki Federation Lyudmila Alexeyeva, chairman of the Movement for human rights, co-chairman of the movement Democratic Russia Lev Ponomaryov, head of the Youth remedial movement Andrei Yurov, representative of Greenpeace Russia Maxim Shingarkin, councilor of the regional meeting Andrei Pavlov, veteran of the Great Patriotic War Gennady Izvekov, member of the Union of writers Irina Suglobova, Voronezh regional co-ordinator of group Ecozashchita (Environmental Protection) Alexey Kozlov, head of the public Committee for civil rights Andrei Babushkin.

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RIA "OREANDA", April 27, 2002

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