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Moscow Authorities Prohibit Action by the Yabloko Party and Environmentalists

April 22, 2002

Moscow. April 26 is the 16th anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The Russian Democratic Party Yabloko plans to conduct a nationwide action with the support of public organisations. The participants in the action will come there to commemorate the victims of the disaster and will express their protest against the policy of the Ministry of Atomic Energy aimed at importing foreign nuclear waste. Picketing and meetings on this day will be organised in more than 50 regions in the country.

According to the press service of Yabloko faction, the prefecture of Moscow's central administrative district has prohibited the holding of this action in the capital. It was prohibited from organising pickets near the building of the Ministry of Atomic Energy. According to the deputy prefect of CAD Mr. Zaitsev, a meeting cannot be held near the Ministry, as this would create problems for the personnel of the Ministry, using the parking spaces near the building.

The Moscow representatives of Yabloko regard the suggestion of the Moscow authorities to conduct the meeting by the monument to Lenin in Kaluzhskaya Square as a humiliation, according to the press service. The press service also claimed that the Russian Democratic Party Yabloko and environmental and human rights organisations supporting the action reacted negatively to the position of the Moscow authorities on this issue.

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